Provide Clean Water To The Poorest neighborhoods In Jeremie

Over 10 Wells completed so far

Two of the most chronic problems in Haiti are high infant mortality and frequent cholera epidemics killing thousands of Haitians annually, both of which are caused by drinking contaminated water. With generous donations from people like you, we were able to invest in well drilling machinery and provide wells in those neighborhoods where women and children had only contaminated ponds to draw from and where they typically walked up to two miles round-trip to collect and carry this unhealthy water home.

Using a 30-year old rig we purchased in 2018, we have been able to drill in areas who have the most need thus providing fresh, clean water for hundreds of families living in the poorest neighborhoods of Jeremie. But this old rig now breaks down frequently, with repairs being costly and replacement parts more and more difficult to find. Hopestart urgently needs a replacement rig in order to continue this vital program.

Additional Information

42% of Haitians are exposed to contaminated drinking water which exposes them to pneumonia, cholera and other diseases. Many children in Haiti suffer from diarrhea from drinking surface water and this contributes to the high mortality rate in children 5 and under.

Give the gift of clean water

Help us continue this important work in Haiti so that one day, we can all look back on our lives and know that we made a difference in the life of a child.