Our Primary Focus

Provide shelter, nourishment, education and health care to children so they may grow, thrive and lead.

Humble Beginnings

In 2013, an orphanage in Haiti was shut down by local authorities due to the filth and abuse these children experienced while living there. There was no replacement home for these eight young children, meaning these young souls would be left to fend for themselves. This was a clear calling on Fredrick Clerie’s life that inspired him to open a Children’s Home that started with eight children and now provides shelter, nourishment, education and health care to 35 children ages 2 months to 15 years.

With two recently build houses, we provide a safe, clean, comfortable and healthy environment for physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. A third house has also been constructed to serve as a tech room where donated electronic equipment like computers, tablets, video screens, etc. are available to modernize the education of the kids in our Children’s Home with internet access to learning tools that are generally not accessible to primary school students in Haiti.

Expanded Care Program

Today, in two well-built, natural-disaster ready, and safe, multi-room houses, we provide holistic care for 30 kids aged 2 months to 15 years. Many more are on the wait list as we build a 3rd house for more space.

A total of $185 per child per month pays for complete care, including housing, salaried caregivers, feeding, medical care, clothing, private school tuition, laundry and all other items that make for a healthy and loving place for children to grow in.


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Save A Child's Life Today

Help us continue this important work in Haiti so that one day, we can all look back on our lives and know that we made a difference in the life of a child.

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