Provide nutritious meals 5x a week for children who would otherwise go hungry.

1,000 Children Fed 5 Days A Week

Children who go to primary public schools are often sent to school on empty stomachs. Many children here go without food for up to three days. They often lack the energy to learn because without nourishment, sleep befalls many of them during school hours. In late 2012, we started providing nutritious meals twice a week for 30 of these children; today over 1,000 are fed five times a week at 13 different locations. Many more need this basic assistance.

The meals we provide enable children to stay awake and alert in class, and thus able to acquire the basic education essentials for breaking the cycles of poverty, hunger and despair that has plagued Haitian families for generations.

Feed A child In Need Today

Help us continue this important work in Haiti so that one day, we can all look back on our lives and know that we made a difference in the life of a child.

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